Tantra Massage Berlin – What is a tantra massage?

A tantra massage combines a variety of established massage techniques in a creative and integrative way. Sexual lust and the heart’s desire are re-united.It strengthens your feeling of sexual self-worth.

Yonitalk Tantra Massage BerlinDuring a Yonitalk tantra massage, you undertake a journey to explore your whole body, touching and full of variety, activating and sensitizing all of your senses. You can never foresee exactly where the journey will take you, and you will not be forced in an particular direction. There is no target to be reached: it is a space for the expression of whatever wishes to be expressed.

You are guided on your journey in a loving, caring way as we touch your body and soul. In this way you can reduce stress and return to your inner self, charge yourself up with energy, ignite your sexual fire, and release any blockages you may now be able to feel.

Yonitalk Tantra Massage Berlin – A time for you to relax and focus on yourself

Yonitalk Tantra Massage BerlinA tantra massage often leads directly to a pure sense of well-being, but sometimes it can set other profound processes in motion and lead to unexpected feelings. Whichever journey you take, we provide you with the safe space you need to let go and allow yourself to feel as fully as you can. A massage helps your energy flow again by alternating active phases – kneading, vibrating and shaking individual body parts and pulling and smoothing out the energies – with quiet spells and synchronised breathing. This can be deeply relaxing.

In a Yonitalk tantra massage, you will be respected and honoured as a sexual being, as Shiva and Shakti (see “What is Tantra?” for an explanation). Our massage also includes very gentle elements, where you can experience being held, stroked with fur and feathers, and being washed in a ritual way. The massage is a space for intimacy, and it is a time for you to relax and focus on yourself. You remain passive for the whole massage.

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What is Tantra?

The word ‘tantra’ is Sanskrit and can be translated as ‘the innermost being’, ‘core’, or ‘essence’. As a body of teachings, Tantra is concerned with making it possible to experience ecstasy. Ecstasy is considered to be the origin of all being, the essence of everything. This means that increasing the sensitivity of all our senses can enable us to directly experience the original, unspoilt quality of being.

Tantra is the path to enlightenment through our senses; through lifting the duality between man and woman; through the experience of Shakti and Shiva in ecstasy. The Hindu divine couple of Shiva and Shakti symbolise the male and female principles. Uniting them is seen to be uniting pure energy with pure consciousness.

Tantra is sexual healing: the re-discovery of our erotic-sexual, wild self.


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