Deep Touch for Couples – Three-Person Massage Ritual

In our extremely fast-moving world, it is becoming ever more important to nourish our body and soul by relaxing, letting go and practicing full presence. It is both helpful and healthy to learn how to allow ourselves to be touched and open up.

The correct or appropriate way to touch someone is a skill which can be learned. When it comes to sensual touch and sexuality, we often have behaviour patterns we are no longer really aware of – so they can be difficult to change. Increasing our own sense of well-being and our ability to let our feelings flow more strongly can be very beneficial in a relationship. Encounters between man and woman have an endless variety of subtle aspects and colours.

Our source of vitality, love and empathy can be very close indeed; it can be absorbed as pure energy – in other words, without expectations or compulsions. Sometimes, all we need in order to find our way back to this source is an inspiration or stimulus, but at other times we need more comprehensive guidance. Every source is different. Our flow of vital energy might feel like a trickle of clear, cool water, gently gurgling over a bed of gravel, or it might roar like wild rapids with dangerous currents awaiting us if we dare to go into the middle. It can also be sensed as a bed of embers, ready to flare up in a great blaze of heat at any moment. Regardless of what our vital energy source looks, smells or feels like, or the specific element it is made up of: it can always be found.

Tantra is characterised by presence, diversity and awareness. It is free of judgement and dogmas. I am allowed to be the way I am. I am welcome and there is nothing wrong with me. I am allowed to let myself go and participate in life. I breathe.

Our guidance on how to touch is given to you by a trained massage practitioner, who will involve you in touching and massaging your partner. The ritual will be customised for you both, according to your degree of relaxation and desire to experiment. It is always enriching for your love life, and the smiles usually last for days after the ritual.

On a deeper level, the ritual also promotes stillness and inner peace. Encountering each other in a tantric way opens up new dimensions in your togetherness. Sometimes words are not enough to describe what you feel – there is no need to do this. The most important thing is simply to perceive and be aware, allowing yourself to touch and be touched with hands, heart and consciousness.

You will be guided non-verbally, with eye signals and by following your heart and sense of touch. The nakedness of all participants and our breathing together allows us to meet as equals, creating a space of trust that can trigger deep feelings of happiness.

Women can be together as sisters with a great solidarity for each other when they massage the man – the partner of one of the women – together. A partnership is enriched if we can perceive our lover in a new and different way, allowing ourselves to experience how he opens up during forms of touch that were previously unknown. For him it is a gift to be embedded so lovingly in so much femaleness, being carried along on his own surrender.

For the woman, being massaged by her partner and a woman allows her to absorb both types of energy – female and male. It is a deep feeling of trust to be softly embedded in the world in this way. This space often enables a woman to open up to sensations she had previously not even dreamt about.

Where the woman is touched and massaged by two men, there is hardly anything more nourishing and peaceful than riding the wave of ecstasy fully and completely, enjoying the men’s devotion to her, listening to her, caring for her and blessing her with their empathy.
Yes, this is allowed and we are sensual and loving beings who were created for this.

Dearest regards, Bettina